Carey Thorpe
Licensed Massage Therapist





I am happy to invite you to my office location at 1051 Washington Ave, Portland, ME! It is conveniently accessible from I-295, from exit 8, Washington Avenue. There is plenty of parking and it is quiet, private and cozy; A perfectly comfortable place to come relax, unwind, and receive a phenominal massage.

My specialty is in my hands. They are extraordinarily tuned in to finding tension or dis-ease. I have a very unique gift of touch, and I have spent my career sharpening that intuitive sense so I can facilitate healing, relaxing and balance to each individual I treat.

I have a very large bag of tricks with which I work and was educated to offer. I will often mix and mingle: relaxation, swedish massage, deep tissue and sports massage, passive stretching, active stretching, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (say that 3 times fast), craniosacral therapy, pregnancy massage, oncology massage, reflexology and hot stones to give you the exact treatment your body needs. 

I work with other medical professionals and bodywork specialists for specific needs that you might have such as; degenerative bone diseases, joint replacements, car or work related accidents, injuries or surgeries, athletic training, or other chronic pain issues. 

I receive a lot of referrals from psychotherapists to help people manage stress and positive mental health through massage. 

It thrills me to get a referral from a fertility specialist for a woman who has struggled to conceive and is open to natural body treatments such as reflexology to help her body get pregnant. 

I have a pregnancy pillow to accomidate for expecting mothers and have worked as a Doula in hospital and homebirth settings.

I have worked in a physical therapy setting, a gym, a resort, at business offices, schools, health fairs, sporting events, weddings and showers, fundraisers and special events. I offer home visits or group events upon request and have a massage chair for larger gatherings.

I sincerely look forward to treating you!




























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