Carey Thorpe
Licensed Massage Therapist

A little about me

Hello to who's eyes are reading this page right now. I feel impersonal as I can't shake your hand and say, "nice to meet you."

My name is Carey Thorpe, and I have been practicing the art of massage therapy for over 10 years now.  I feel lucky to wake up and go to work treating people. I sincerely love what I do and find the entire spectrum of bodywork modalities to be enthralling. It never ceases to amaze me how much a massage can shift a person; be it aches and pains, energetically, emotionally, or all of the aforementioned.  I feel that my clients come to me because they feel safe to let me work on them, relax and heal. I take pride in making my treatment space comfortable and relaxing, a place you can unwind and take a break.

I was an ok student in high school. Instead of going right to college, I moved to the hills of Vermont and then spent the next few years roaming, whitewater raft guiding and eventually getting a degree in social and behavioral sciences and education from the University of Southern Maine. At this point I actually enjoyed learning and cared about what I was learning and graduated the massage therapy program at the New Hampshire institute of Therapeutic Arts in Brigeton, ME in 2005 and have been in practice for myself since. I have also had the pleasure of working for several other successful practioners who have all added to my expertise as a massage therapist. 

I have a skill set that can meet the massage needs of a serious athlete, someone with an injury or chronic pain, a pregnant mother, or someone who appreciates the value of a quality massage and the healing it can bring. I also have an appreciation for luxurious sensations, lotions and oils, hot stones and crystals, and the well being that can come from feeling taken care of. My intention is that each client leaves feeling like they got exactly what they were hoping for out of their massage.

I've most recently been learning and practicing (and getting good at!) the fine craft of craniosacral therapy. The technique requires a very delicate touch and a sensitivity and understanding to energetic flow and movement while also being strong and assured with shifting the subtleties of the tissue constraints. My hands are incredibly sensitive to energy flow and I like the challenge of a new skill that must really be developed. It feels like getting better at playing an instrument, except its a massage technique. I've been incorporating it into my treatments and it has added to my practice and skills expodentially. 

I have always felt drawn to touch and the healing it brings.  I love the satisfaction I get from seeing how much relief a simple touch can bring. A warm friendly gesture of humanity by giving a gentle squeeze on the shoulder can shift a persons day. It gives me great pleasure to so easily lift such heavy burdens from people with a loving touch and a safe place to relax. Giving massage is like watching a very hungry persons reaction after eating a nice meal. You can see the relief it brings. It fulfills a part of me seeing how much of a difference my gift of touch can bring. 

I'm a mom to a beautiful little girl, Maggie. We are big fans of trampolines, Disneyworld, skiing, crafting, knitting, snuggling, yoga, reading, paddle boarding... Most all water sports, really. We think Maggie might be part mermaid. I try to eat a whole foods diet with as much organic and GMO free as I can. I have become much more in tune with nutrition and food since I became a massage therapist and then a mom. I believe the saying about food being our medicine to be partly true; I also think touch is essential to happy healthy humans. 

I hope this brief description of me and my motivations brings you closer to feeling comfortable with coming to get a treatment from me. I look forward to hearing about you and your life! 

Thanks for taking the time to read about me,


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